ASR Road Stars

6pk ASR Tactical Ninja Road Stars


6pk ASR Tactical Ninja Road Stars




  • -Includes 6 Road Star Caltrops
  • -Constructed From Heavy Gauge 5/16″ Hardened Round Steel, Each Unit has Four 2″ Long Spikes
  • -Industrial Grade Welds (Made in the USA)
  • -PLEASE NOTE: Steel does not come polished; units show oxidation which does not hinder the strength of the material
  • -country of origin: china
  • -item weight: 0.70
  • -mpn: NRS
  • -upc: 626601945573

Road Stars are devices designed for use in securing private property and law enforcement applications in which an immediate vehicle-disabling roadblock is required. Don’t let their compact size, portability, and field-expediency deceive you- nearly any vehicle’s tire driving over a Road Star will experience a rapid tire blow-out.

Constructed from heavy gauge 5/16″ hardened round steel with Class Four tip, industrial grade welds, and .3″ razor edge, each has four 2″ long spikes. Based on the design of the ancient caltrop, no matter how one is thrown on the ground, one spike will always land straight up.

Road Stars can be deployed to create instant roadblocks, stop a pursuing vehicle, prevent parked vehicles from fleeing, protect private property, etc. For private property protection, use only with proper warning signage as specified in the instructions, warnings, and sample signage supplied with the product.

Please Note: Use only with extreme caution and discretion in a legal and appropriate manner; you are responsible for each usage and its consequences.