ASR Ceramic Razor Blade

Non-Metallic Covert Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade


Non-Metallic Covert Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade




  • -Weight: .1oz
  • -Ceramic Blade Will Never Rust
  • -Lightweight and Very Sharp
  • -Chisel Edge Holds up to Repeated Cuttings of Super Tough Fibers
  • -Size: 30mm x 10mm
  • -Totally Non-Metallic | Made from Zirconia Ceramic
  • -Wear-Resistant / Non-Dulling Cutting Edge

  • -country of origin: china
  • -item weight: 0.10
  • -mpn: CRB-ZC
  • -upc: 895563332018

The Covert Razor Blade was designed as a low profile, non-metallic covert operations tactical tool during the cold war. To date there has been significant changes in the evolution of this tool.

It is composed of Zirconia ceramic, which is very hard, wear resistant and non-dulling. In addition to the main blade, there is a chisel-grind corner edge to give two cutting surfaces. The lanyard hole makes it easy to sew into clothing or attach to your belt or gear with ASR Tactical Natural Kevlar Cord.